Anime is the term that groups the cartoons of Japanese origin. Manga is the Japanese word that designates the cartoon in general. It literally translates as capricious drawings or scribbles. The so-called manga or anime have tested, extended and transited almost all genres visuals, and have reached instances that Western animation He has not explored or rehearsed much yet, despite his strong presence in younger generations. Your fabulous repercussion not only includes a very globalized public to which It has arrived in its various forms (comics, movies, TV, etc.) and has been interested in its various manifestations until reach extremes of fanaticism, but its influence has extended to different areas of importance among which tell the visual arcs, both in paintings and objects as in drawings, photographs and very diverse forms of expression, which Many artists come from different areas. A animé presents, both in the plot and in the physical appearance of the characters that star, substantial differences Regarding the animation provided by other sources recognized as they could be the classic animations of Disney and DreamWorks or other similar ones of varying scale. Regarding the stories he chooses to tell, these are not reduce to provide an entertainment with colors and characters that are characterized by their sympathy and tenderness, but that complex plots address issues that can range from the existentialism, friendship, sex, ecology, even thematic demographic, political and scientific. Reality is the engine of many of those stories, interspersed with fantasy and what supernatural as motivating agents and triggers; do not It deals with a specific genre, but it can include and mix comedy, drama, action, terror, science fiction, social criticism or other themes and elements, through a mix of narrative styles extremely attractive Currently, the term is used indistinctly to designate both the cartoons of clearly Japanese origin as to the technique, although in its beginnings, in the early twentieth century, referred to the traditional characters, the idea of the exhibition arose; a shared tracking between works and artists that led to a task that we celebrate being able to share and offer to the spectators, recognizing with pleasure our otaku condition.

Patricia Rizzo - Curator.