是一家手工艺品工作室 现在位于米兰-IT&成都-CN
This is my showreel. If you have a short time,
jump on it =)

NIKE + Sports Club Corinthians
by Wieden & Kennedy

Last season’s Campeonato Brasileiro Série A champions Sports Club Corinthians Paulista have launched their 2018/19 third kit from official outfitter Nike Football. The jersey is dedicated to Corinthians fan and three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna. The new Timão (Great Team) kit is part of a Nike collection that has been unveiled 30 years after Ayrton Senna raised his first trophy in October 1988 in Suzuka, Japan
I made the art direction and production design for this new NIKE campaign created by Wieden & Kennedy and shot by Nixon Freire. Sao Paulo, SEP ©2018.

GLOVO land in Brazil
by Tribal Worldwide

Happy to announce the launch of GLOVO in Brazil!
Proud to have been invited by Delicatessen Filmes to develop the production design and art direction of this spot created by Carlos Fonseca & Felipe Revite from Tribal Worldwide & directed by Nixon Freire in Sao Paulo. SEP ©2018.

CITROËN 'Forecasts'
by Havas Worldwide

Production design & art direction for CITROËN - 'Prognostic', created by Havas Worldwide and shooted by Pantera & Co. for the production company PRIMO. "We managed to build the message 'Clear Prices' in an optimistic and humane way, and at the same time, we fulfilled in this content with our brand promise 'Feel Good, Be Different'." Citröen.


I call this campaign STAY FRESH. First of all, till that moment i was working on this brand, under my opinion, in a "fake" way. It was relly hard for me to understand why the owners pretentd that in every pictures models smile. 'We are a funny brand'. Ok but funny doesn't mean smile... You can be fresh, just in the way you are. So, in this campaign my goal was to take portraits of the models, just doing whatever they want, always under the profile of the brand, but a little bit more fresh, without to much direction. As a summer season we also produce the campaign for Christmas, halloween and sales.

FOX life 'Lucky Ladies'
by FOX

Production design & art direction for FOX life - Lucky Ladies. Shooted by LANDIA - BA.
FOXLIFE premieres new reality show: "LUCKY LADIES" Six polo women cheer up "Lucky Ladies Argentina," and let them spy on that environment where they are and seem to merge.

Fundación Jorge Federico Klemm

ID Design for a collective art exhibition about artist that works inspired by animé.
Fundación Jorge Federico Klemm, Buenos Aires. Argentina 2010 / March.

Rufus Wainwright
by Nowness

Rufus Wainwright at Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires.
Shooted by LANDIA. Film by Martín Rieti. Art direction by me & Josefina Sierra Guzmán.

LG 'Bye Bye Panties'

I developed the production design and the art direction of this particular ad created by GREY for LG and shot by Pantera & Co. for the production company PRIMO. The commercial features ladies in their panties. Women play, dance, work and simply hang out in their undies. ©2015

ResFest Festival 06 / MALBA
Stop Motion Animation
100% paper

100% paper. Stop Motion Animation for HAMACAS AL RIO Music Video 'Bells' © 2005 Designed and directed by my first job as an animator and designer. This piece won the RESFEST Festival 2006 in Malba - Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. After this project, I started to work in many pieces like this for television channels like Discovery Kids, Nickelodeon & Boomerang.
At that time, it was the BOOM of digital animation and the fact that I decided to take up the traditional animation was what made it more attractive to this piece. Developed by DUPLEX MAKELAB - Marilina Martignone, Matías Scheggia, Celina Tettenborn, and María de Brea & projected in MTV for a long time too.

M! ss016

The first campaign as creative director of M! - teen clothes brand - At that time the slogan of the brand was 'HAVE FUN' but according to my perspective they took this only as false smiles and forced images that pretended to look like a 'happy realness'. Of course, this is part of the advertising, isn't it? But what if we take seriously the fact that we are trying to convey joy and naturalness? What I did was take the slogan, but add a "WHATEVER" in the sense 'be fun your way'. Shot by Juampi Bonino, filmed by Agustín Puente.

RAW Identity
by Aduki

ID design for RAW - ARCHICOLOTEK Color Posproduction House in Palacio Barolo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. ©2012. Founded by Galel Maidana & Facundo Pires.

Snow Gummies 'Choose your way'
by Aduki

This is a VIDEO GAME design that i made for fun. I designed the characters and the type. Finally become my first solo exhibition as a visual artist in Centro Cultural Recoleta, one of the most important art centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The pieces was sold inmediatlly.

North in South
by Aduki & McCam

Production Design & Art direction.
Shooted by Guido Limardo. Art by Jhon Mc Cam - Stylist by Salvá Sol ©2012

Eubalaenas Paper Whales
by Aduki

Paper Whales - EUBALAENAS
This beautiful whales are part of my TROQUELABLES PAPER TOYS collection.
I made this for fun. I love to play with animal shapes and their geometral posibilities.

Operadora 'Portrait Phase'
by Limardo - Aduki

Art Cover & Graphic design for OPERADORA 'Portrait Phase' ©2014
Shooted by Guido Limardo. ID by Nicolás Gonzalez.

Topline 'Chamullicidio'
by Young & Rubicam>

TOPLINE - CHAMULLICIDIO 'Ballena' & 'Cowboy' by Y&R
Shooted by PRIMO content - Film by Felipe Gomez. Art direction by me. ©2016


Campaign design. Second campaign designed for M! Trying to get away from the HAVE FUN, we created 'Normal is boring' talking about the same thing but a different path. A group of girls who think that being normal is completely boring. They're between a rebellious attitude and at the same time a little silly trying to spend their days at school in some 'different' way.

Fibertel 'Gracias Internet'
by DON

Shooted by TT. Film by Julián Montesano & Mariano Lemon. Art direction by me. ©2014

Coca Cola 'Feel the nature'
by Ogilvy

COCA COLA life - GREEN PARK by Ogilvy
Shooted by TT- Film by Marto Otonello. ©2014

PERSONAL fest 'Creadores'
by Santo

Shooted by POSTER films. Art direction by me. ©2015



FILA #心致自然# 'Into the Nature'

当来自科尔诺山的 ASMR 自然之声遇上流行乡村民谣,会擦出怎样的火花?意大利乐队 MOONAGE 加入 FILA “MOMENT OF CALM” 声音制造计划,在静谧美好的鸟鸣水声中自由弹唱,为 FILA 科尔诺山系列定制呈献出一曲轻快悠扬的自然乐章,点击视频,探索更多自然的 MOMENT OF CALM.

#心致自然# INTO THE NATURE. When ASMR from Korno Mountain meets popular rural folk songs, what kind of spark will it spark? Italian band MOONAGE joined the FILA "MOMENT OF CALM" sound production project, freely sing and play in the quiet and beautiful sound of birdsong and water, and present a light and melodious natural movement for the FILA Korno Mountain series. Click on the video to explore more Natural MOMENT OF CALM.

AXE 'Nicknames' by Ponce
Cannes Festival/New York Festival
Clio Awards/D&AD Awards

PRODUCTION DESIGN & ART DIRECTION for this 3 beautiful spots shooted by Agustín Alberdi for LANDIA.
Now, let's talk about how many prizes this awesome experience won !
Bronze Film Lion at Cannes Festival (Tommy Hugs) - Silver on Film at Clio Awards- Silver on Film at El Sol de Iberoamérica - Graphite Pencil on Film at D&AD Awards - Bronze on Film-Cinema/Online/Tv at New York Festival - Bronze on Humorat New York Festival - Gold on campaign Tv & other screens at El Diente - Gold on Tv & other screens at El Diente (Double Jacket Jimmy) - Bronze on Tv & other screens at El Diente (Tommy Hugs) - Bronze on campaign craft Tv & other screens at El Diente - Bronze on art direction craft Tv & other screens at El Diente (Tommy Hugs) - Bronze on Film Campaign at ADC - Bronze on Film Campaign at El ojo de Iberoamérica - Bronze on Film at El ojo de Iberoamérica (Tommy Hugs) - Eurobest, London ©2017.
These are stories of particular men who manage to preserve their style thanks to Axe’s new antiperspirant line. This is the story about Tommy, a pizza delivery guy who is such a friendly character, he is a ” serial hugger” We see him hug his boss, his clients, his father in law, basically, he hugs everyone he comes across. He hugs to say hello, he hugs to say goodbye and he even hugs to say: “ the food was incredible&rdquo. He’s just a very affectionate guy. This wouldn’t be such a problem if he weren’t significantly taller than everybody he hugs, which is why they all end up unwillingly facing Tommy’s underarm. Luckily for them, he always wears the New Axe Antiperspirant with Anti-Bacterial Effect that keeps him fresh to hug all day.

Mtv 'Canvas'
by MTV World Creative Studio

Production design & art direction for Mtv - 'Canvas' by WCS Mtv.
A cool spot created by MTV World Creative Studio. shoot by Hernán Corera and developed by the production company Argentinacine. MTV Canvas is a place for YOU, to go nuts, and be your creative self. We’ll provide you with ALL of the necessary – and unnecessary tools – such as graphic assets and context. You create. We put it on MTV!

ChangYou 'Playing Can't Be Bad'
by Saatchi & Saatchi - China
Grand Prix at Spikes Asia Awards

Production design & art direction for CHANG YOU - CHINA
Changyou Playing Can’t Be Bad commercial “Mother” has won the Grand Prix for Film at Spikes Asia, alongside Gold for 'Employee' and 'Little Girl'. 'Playing Can’t Be Bad' campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi China, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. In the film titled ‘ Employee’, a staff member resorts to playing games on his mobile device at work because he feels disrespected by his boss. In ‘ Little Girl’, a miserable father sticks to playing his online games instead of interacting with his daughter after she continually puts makeup on him and dresses him up in ballet dresses.  The third film of the series – ‘Mother’ features a mother of a young boy infatuated with the gaming universe, who wonders why her son is unable to get a girlfriend. The narrator questions if that is because the mother is not willing to let go of her son.Shooted by PRIMO Content. ©2015

100% paper Stop Motion

100% paper Stop Motion Animation with educational content for UNESCO
'Harnessing ICTs for the audiovisual industry and public service broadcasting in developing countries' Our subject of interest in nature and it, including man. This clarification is valid when explaining our concept. We seek to educate through nature. Human beings are animals, of course, but we have developed codes of coexistence and systems of organization that exceed our instincts. However, nature presents us with species that on this planet and under this same atmosphere manage to live in the community, just as they came into the world. That's what instinct is about. This is a synthesis of actions with a ludic and iconic language like "videogames". Since this is an extremely plastic work, our goal is to look for sensations. It breaks the impalpability of the format and presents an attraction of great importance at the moment of thinking about the attention of the spectator and his attention to the message. The StopMotion technique is more than a production style, it raises a community experience with a common objective. It is necessarily a teamwork. A group of people must give life to a group of objects that do not possess it.

Coca-Cola 'Join everyone with a Coke'
by Wieden+Kennedy
for Brazil World Cup 2014

Production design & art direction for this amazing Official Campaign BRASIL World Cup 2014 by COCA·COLA
'Join everyone with a Coke' Developed by Wieden+Kennedy Brasil. Shot by Nacho Ricci.
"Our campaigns reflect Coca-Cola's proposal to make an inclusive and unforgettable FIFA World Cup. We will give two unprecedented chances to our consumers with this new campaign: to insert a personal video in an official commercial of the company; and with the promotion, the chance to be forever in every World Cup."Join everyone with a Coke" also includes advertising pieces that portray young people from 14 countries and Brazil gathered around football and a Coke. Since the first week of May in the market, the World Cup commemorative packaging brings the brand written in 11 different languages, in addition to the classic version, says Michel Davidovich, vice president and general manager of Coca-Cola Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™.

©M! - AW017

Last campaign designed after 3 years as creative director of this clothing brand for teens. The brand arrives in a complete lost storytelling way, always trying to copy some other of the competence to take their look. At the beginning, my proposal was just to change the name of the brand because the storytelling at this moment was confused. After these 3 years of hard work on it, dealing with budgets and between a big conflict about the convictions of the owners we do that this brand became more massive and increase the sales. But most important for me was that the change in the campaigns moves all departments in the brand and we managed that the retail and even the own clothes change in a real and cool way. So, I'm happy with the results. This season was shooted by Julieta Alzua, a photographer INBOGA from Buenos Aires. And the art direction was developed by Josefina Sierra Guzmán, a big and new emerging artist and art director in Argentina. The video was shooted by Agustín Puente, someone that you should know, a great mind & a lovely portfolio.

American Wanderer
by Aduki

Campaing design for 'AMERICAN WANDERER' SS - 12
Shooted by Guido Limardo. Art by Jhon Mc Cam . Film by Federico Lastra.

Happy Post 'Identity'
©2006 Tokyo

ID & TYPE DESIGN for HAPPY POST - Online postcard service at TOKYO © 2006
At that time, a revolutionary system to send postal mails. For the design I was inspired by the holes of the rabbits, I thought about the speed and the existence of the shortcuts and alternative ways. A cute and kawaii way that only in Japan can be a cool brand.

Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires

Abono Joven by Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires.
Shooted by LANDIA. Film by Martín Rieti & Maximiliano Aduki. Art direction Josefina Sierra Guzmán.

NNB 'RunAway' Naive New Beaters
by Solab Pictures

A special invitation to design the production and manage the art direction of this music video for NAIVE NEW BEATERS - FR, winner in UK & Berlín Music Video Awards. And part of the Staff Picks on VIMEO. Directed by the great Roman Chassaign and developed by SOLAB pictures, Francia. ©2015

Pepe Cantero
by JP Bonino

Creative & art direction for PEPE CANTERO - Shoes brand.
This brand in need of new and young airs call JP Bonino, maybe the coolest photographer in Buenos Aires to develop this new type of campaigns. He call me and this was our second campaign together for this brand. The video was shooted by Agustín Puente.

by Aduki - Lastra

Creative & art direction for REVLON - USA
Buenos Aires Moda ©2012

Curadora 'A Crime Story'
by Limardo - Aduki

CURADORA `A crime story'.
Creative & art direction of this fashion editorial for CATALOGUE.
Shooted by Guido Limardo. ©2012

Pepe Cantero
by JP Bonino

Creative & art direction for PEPE CANTERO - Shoes brand.
Shooted by Juampi Bonino, second campaign together for this brand.

Collective Art Exhibition
Identity by Aduki / Nag

Collective exhibition in Club Provincia art gallery. Buenos Aires, 2009

Toddy 'My Comercial Toddy'
by Carlos y Dario

CREATIVE & ART DIRECTION for TODDY 'Mi comercial TODDY' by Carlos y Dario Agency. Shooted by Pantera & Co. for PRIMO Content. In order to increase the knowledge and commitment of consumers, Toddy decided to communicate on TV. The challenge was to conduct a campaign that respected the brand's interactive essence. Toddy invited his fans to create their first television commercial, for the purpose of the task and the results arrived successfully.

Buenos Aires Moda
by Aduki

During the years 2010 - 13 i worked as creative and art director of this event made for Pret A Porter in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project include Editorials, Magazine, Runway design and the own feria.

Tulipán 'NEW LUB'

TULIPÁN - NEW LUB by GREY Argentina.
Shooted by Pantera & Co. Filmed by Brian Kazes - ©2015